New Norm 😩

Here we are, 3 months living in a sci-fi movie. It’s seriously they most craziest shit I’ve ever experience since 9/11.

I may just be a little ol’cocktail server but I think this shit is all political and fueled by greed, power, and money. Yes, the virus is real , I’m not denying that but it definitely was man made and well, google the rest.

How the hell are we ever going to be normal again??

I have had three doctors appointments since the rona and I felt like an alien all three times. Disclaimer: none were Covid related

rolls eyes…..

My visit to urgent care was anything but easy. Had to fully detail my symptoms over the phone. Then wait for a in person visit or a zoom appointment. My ears were clogged and it wasn’t going away. No flu symptoms, no fever just needed them to give me something or flush my ears out. I’ve had this problem years ago. Anyway, I was cleared to come in. Once I got there, I was told to wait in my car until the nurse called my phone to come in.

Everything was blocked off with plastic shields , what a time to own that type of business. Liquor stores and plexiglass who knew? Swiftly, they ushered me in the room and I get questioned another 100 times about fevers and traveling. I have my mask on and we already know the shit is beyond uncomfortable. I mean I even hated the stupid snap filter, like was that a sign?

Back to my ear situation, she told me she was going to flush my ears out with this device. She draped what looked like a dog pee pad over my shoulder so I wouldn’t get wet. Ok great.

So picture this , I have a mask on, can barely breath, a huge pad on my shoulder, and trying to hold a cup to catch the water. I felt like I was going to pass out. She proceeds to flush out my left ear and then tells me to switch the pad thing to other side. I could not do all this with the mask on , holding some cup and the pad! I legit ripped the pad off, took off my jacket and said “I don’t care of I get wet. I’m hot as hell.”

She was cool about it. I was way more comfortable when she did the other ear, but let me tell you I looked like I just left a girls gone wild wet T-shirt contest!!! Water got everywhere !!!

When she was finished she said the doctor would be in to check my ears. Great , the doctor was actually kind of cute and here I am with a my T-shirt soaked. Oh well , lucky him, the mask was enough to keep me distracted.

He gave me a paper that said the text book definition of a clogged ear and sent me on my way.

I actually took the time to read it , what else was there to do? So I’m reading it and it says that people with narrow ear canals and old people can be more susceptible to clogged ears. Wow, not only is my bank account narrow my ear canals are as well, and I’m aging, awesome.

After that bs I took myself back to my four corners to quarantined some more. I was so drained! Makes me never want to go to a drs. office again! Unless it’s for botox !!

Cheers 🥂

Drink of the week:

Doctor no. 1

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