Serving cocktails isn’t rocket science, so why when ordering one it is? The expression “time is money” is the slogan in this biz. The more drinks I can pump out the more bacon I’m bringing home. Yum, now I’m hungry.
If you can’t tell me your drink order in less then 1.5 seconds, I’m screwed. Just kidding, but there is a white cloud over my head filled with dollars signs drifting away. Where’s that emoji with the dollars signs and wings?

The best is when they ask “What do you have ?”
I think to myself , “Well we have an entire bar, would you like me to bring it to you?”

The casino business is usually fast paced. I don’t have much time to strike up a conversation or bring you the wine list that we don’t have. I do operate fast, friendly, and efficient (incase my boss is reading).

I take the time to learn your drink. I feel like remembering your drink is more personal. Plus, customers get off on it. Leave your birth name at the door. Your drink becomes your identity. It also becomes our code language between cocktail servers. We can talk about how annoying, how great , or when you need to be flagged , Mr. Vodka Cran. We get off on that.

During my time served, I mean the time I’ve been serving, I’ve grown fond of a few customers. If you’re lucky you will read about them later.

Currently my favorite is v.o water and Seagrams 7 with 7 up. ( Side note:frequent flyers do not order this way. I broke it down for any non industry readers.)

She is a lady that knows what she wants. She orders for herself and the husband, who I have yet to see. Maybe he doesn’t even exist. She probably hustles me for two drinks…

I have served her over 100 times. Verbatim she calls out, “Make sure their doubles in a tall.” Decoded means she needs to be intoxicated as quickly as possible. I love predictable customers like her. They take the same drink every time. Makes my life easier, makes me more bacon. 

(No bacon was harmed during this photo. It was eaten carefully by two cocktail servers and a bartender

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2 thoughts on “Bacon.

  1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ even if you say the order to her she still has to say VO and water 7&7 both doubles both in a tall glass !! its like she cant not say it !! one of my favs is bacardi and coke tall glass with a big boy straw 1. because who talks like that and 2. bc hes a $5 tip and well never know his name but as soon as u say big boy straw we know who it is πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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