First time for everything

In all the years I’ve been in the serving industry I’ve never spilled a drink on someone. Shocking, because I can barely hold my tray. I hate martini and champagne glasses because my hand is shakey. I’m actually proud I’ve never spilled a drink on anyone. There have been times I’ve dropped a drink onContinue reading “First time for everything”

There’s a lady in the room!

In all the years I’ve been cocktailing , with all the rude customers, smart ass people , sexual comments, dumb questions etc…I’ve never heard someone speak so low of us. I’ve never heard someone insult what we do for a living or categorize us as uneducated , easy or dumb. EVER…. Maybe, because working andContinue reading “There’s a lady in the room!”

Maskless Eve & MDW!!!!

Memorial Day weekend 2021, is something special …. A memorial of lives lost serving our country, MOST IMPORTANTLY, but also a celebration of getting our life and freedom back for the most part ! Wow, never thought I’d have to say “getting our freedom back,” but OUR little armpit of America, New Jersey, is finallyContinue reading “Maskless Eve & MDW!!!!”