I know you probably thought I quit the Blog!!! I have been extremely busy. Most recently with gods grace I’ve been able to pursue my other dream! No, not being a member of destiny’s child, but owning my own hair salon! So cool right ? Not just any salon though. We are an extensions bar specializing in hair extensions , wigs , braids and hair treatments.

Just like this cocktailing thing, owning your own biz is not for the weak. Seriously! If I have to fill out one more paper, fax another document, write another check (municipal systems still take checks don’t judge me) I’m going to scream!

I’m happy to announce I have not become a victim of alcohol or drug dependancies during this process but boy has it crossed my mind. I’ve never had to use my customer service voice this much in my life. Trying to sound like I know what I’m talking about for permit applications, zoning shit, and whatever else comes with a new biz is draining. I was hoping to meet a hot construction worker but eh I guess it’s true what they say. The retired ones do all the paper work because I have yet to see the ones in those calendars.

Yet, me and Susan at the front desk are besties now. Around the 40th phone call I made, I told her you’re either going to hate me or be my best friend when this is all over ! I can’t tell yet but I hope I made friend.

Anyway, so that’s what I’ve been upto all this time. Summer literally passed me by and I couldn’t tell you if I ever made it to the beach. The last five months have been a blur.

Cocktailing has even taken a back seat. I have barely been in the casino so I’m sad to say I have no funny stories. Unless, you count my secret crush wiping me off because someone spilled an entire Heineken on me.

I’m a little nervous if he reads this. Fingers crossed he doesn’t. So yeah, I have a little baby crush on a co- worker. I was completely stuck when this was actually happening like statue stuck. Frozen. Shook. Embarrassed.

The beer flew up and spilled all over my back. I had been facing away from the girls tray. I felt the beer all over my legs and just stood there. Next thing I know, god said I have a treat for you! Here comes my crush to save the day! He came from behind the bar started to pat me dry with paper towels. Omg , omg, is this really happening ???! I was dying!

That’s it we’re gettn married! In my head I was picking out my brides maids ! Jk. I’m not that girl but I did bask in the moment.

Back to reality, that was cool and I honestly don’t remember any shifts after that bc I’ve been too busy with opening the salon. But now I’m running out of money so my ass needs to go back and beg for my change again. Which is cool bc being a cocktail server in the casino means we don’t have personally have a coin shortage.

Reminder: These people still tip change and it’s cool now because I pay with exact change…

The signs, “Coin shortage exact change only,” move over I got it. Hopefully, I’m back on my writing but I can’t promise anything. Oh, how could I forget !!! Confessions of a Cocktail Server now has a shop! Yes, I launched that this summer ! Defiantly check it out … Shop

Drink of the week:

Busy Bee

Cheers xo

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