There’s a lady in the room!

In all the years I’ve been cocktailing , with all the rude customers, smart ass people , sexual comments, dumb questions etc…I’ve never heard someone speak so low of us. I’ve never heard someone insult what we do for a living or categorize us as uneducated , easy or dumb. EVER….

Maybe, because working and growing up in Atlantic City, cocktailing or bartending is normal and a huge opportunity for us. I don’t know, call me crazy, but I definitely never knew about this stereo type. Thanks for enlightening me though, to the bozo who works in my casino, in a whole different department, that seems to know it all. No names because I’m nice….

The other day, I walked into my service bar and happened to be the only female server in there at the moment. Three guys : a bar back , bartender , and some dude from whatever department, were talking. FYI This isn’t a classic bar joke this really happened.

Mainly, the guy whose position I won’t say, kept going on and on about how many girls he use to get because he worked this industry. How it was easy it was. Lets just say he wasn’t bragging about wine-n-dining or being a gentleman …. He was being ratchet and filthy I wanted to puke.

I cut them all of and said, “Hey, there’s a lady in the room! I gave a fake laugh and said it sarcastically because that’s me , “I’m not that much of a lady but still….” JOKINGLY my bartender and bar back know me ….

He replied in a non-joking tone – “Yeah, you’re a cocktail server.” My face turned stone cold! …. God, please don’t let me lose my job today – I repeated this legit a bunch of times then I turned myself around and acted like I was making coffee. He continued to tell stories which were total lies because if you could see this guy….gross and won’t shut the hell up! When I get mad I see red and do not have control over my actions so to safe myself I had to bite my tongue and vent to you.

The last time he was in my bar he was showing pictures of his new puppy and totally singing another tune. He definitely was a dork his whole life. He wishes his wife was cocktail server working 6 hours a shift coming home weekly with probably his whole paycheck … I wanted to go off on this big shrek looking clown. He wishes he could even get with in two feet of one us….

He carried on about strip clubs and how they’re the worst and he would never date anyone who worked in one. That they ALL have STDs and are dirty …. I couldn’t help but laugh obnoxiously…Sir … excuse me , hate to be rude but no one would date you ! So don’t worry about that.

By the way you look and talk it wouldn’t take much for a dancer to milk you for all you got and you def wouldn’t tell her to get off your lap. So save it. You won’t be thinking about a STD then either. I can put all my money on it….

You know, what we do may not be ideal in the cookie cutter world. We definitely didn’t dream about it kindergarten or anything like that but it pays the bills. It’s a really great side job, main job, job through college, summer job whatever … I’ve seen co- workers buy homes, pay off debt , start businesses , start a blog, raise children, travel the world, get boob jobs and more!!!! We are far from dumb and only a few I know are easy … lmao

As long as you still have your two legs, two hands , and can say coffee , soda , juice you can do this until your 80 if you damn well please … Thank the union for that though … not all cocktail jobs have a union or are created equal but I’m saying … Just do not Come for my cocktail severs unless we send for you !!!


Cheers xo

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