Maskless Eve & MDW!!!!

Memorial Day weekend 2021, is something special …. A memorial of lives lost serving our country, MOST IMPORTANTLY, but also a celebration of getting our life and freedom back for the most part ! Wow, never thought I’d have to say “getting our freedom back,” but OUR little armpit of America, New Jersey, is finally opening up! A very long drawn out 15 months of closures, restrictions, masks , social distancing, toilet paper shortages, virtual learning and complete chaos, we ARE over it!!!!! We’ve had to sit back and watch other states open up and roam free while we where here like the red headed step child, along with PA and NY. But we made it !!!! Now, we just have to get through the vaccination bribes…..

This Maskless eve I will be leaving cookies under the tree for Mrs. Coronavirus and going to bed early. I figure she’s a women because a man wouldn’t stay around this long and only a woman could be this damn complicated!

Actually, I might stay up late and burn my masks for a full moon ritual. Letting go of the fuckery …. Still want to know if masks are a tax write off….

I’m anticipating greasy old men harassing me to smile like old times, which I’m prepared for because the more things change the more they stay the same. Fake laugh, and keep it moving. Yet, tomorrow I will be smiling ear to ear at work in my red lipstick that has been collecting dust . I hope I still remember how to put it on, it’s like riding a bike right ?

All the slot machines will be turned on, over 80 chairs will be added to the table games floor, the day clubs will be open, no more capacity limits, and just like that Atlantic City is back!

Can’t wait to see all your beautiful faces and finally hear you clearly when you order your drinks !!!

Drink of the weekend :

Liberty Cocktail

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