Ride or die…

This one is long over due. My memory was triggered last night at work when I kept seeing security escort parents off the casino floor with their children. Not sure if you’re aware, but children can’t even walk through the slot machines to get from A to B. They have to walk on the main path ways away from the “casino floor.” Rightfully so, nobody wants the hefty fines from the gaming commission.

This made me think about how true gamblers will do anything for a chance to hit big. Like drag their children all over the casino, or bring their friend, whose on life support to sit with you while you gamble your free play. I’m dead serious pun intended.

I had to pass through this section, one night, to get to my bar. In my side view I saw a bed and said to myself , “What the hell? I turned my head to see that this lady was playing slots with someone next to her in a damn hospital bed laid out. I kid you not! I was shook because is this person alive ? They literally looked like they where in a vegetative state. I done seen it all after this one. She had a blanket on her with some fuzzy Christmas socks on. Like what ? I can never unsee this.

What was this person thinking seriously? I’m not letting my slot play go to waste? Maybe if I hit the Jack pot Lucy will wake up? Nothing was stopping this lady. She brought her ride or die for real . It was seriously hard to see each time I had to walk by. People where stopping and looking in shock. While the lady just kept playing like this was completely normal.

This was beyond extra. I felt bad for the person but I mean she did look comfy. It was just a mess to see. Then when I told my co-workers what was goin on someone said they seen her before at another casino !!!! They had a picture of her but do to whatever ethics I have I’m not going to post it. It’s too disturbing.

I mean I’ve seen people bring pets and I even feel bad for them! It’s loud , smoky, and these people sit for hours on end and don’t even take themselves to go pee. So you can imagine how this was for me. I was happy when she left , I hope you brought your people back to the hospital. That was crazy!!! Next time bring a lucky rabbits foot instead of your unconscious friend.

Drink of the week: Liquid Xanex so we can be like Lucy.

Cheers xo

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