Inspo: Betty White

I haven’t been slinging drinks as much as I use to. With my new extensions salon and the amount of time I spend on TikTok I just can’t get to the casino as much as I’d like to. Who am I kidding? The goal is to eventually hang up my tray and heels! I’m not a millionaire quite yet, so I’ll stay on payroll for now. In the meantime, I’m really trying to go viral on TikTok. Like everyone else and their mother. I did make a comment that got over 57k likes on someone else’s page. Which means absolutely nothing for me, except it does confirm I am in-fact funny as hell. A true comedian. Maybe I should do stand up. Who knows.

Today, I actually had some guy hit on me in my Tiktok DM, which is a new one for me. He said he was going to be in Atlantic City next week, I should stay with him. Um, where do these people come from? No Sir, I definitely will not be staying with you, but you could take me out on a date like a gentleman. Which you’re clearly not. Do they even exist anymore? How do you know I’m even going to like you longer than five minutes? Once you’re corny to me you can never be un-corned. So there’s my dating life update in a nutshell.

Is there any kind of website where you can rent a boyfriend for Valentine’s Day? I’ll return it the next day to avoid any fees. Seriously, I’m not even in the mental space for a relationship. I’m too focused on making money and growing my businesses. There’s no time for distractions which most relationships are, personally. Therefore, if you’re not contributing to what I’m focused on or supporting me I just have to leave you on read. Plus, I’m over attracting these 25 years olds or my friends grandpas. Everyone in the middle is either married or something’s not right. What do you mean you’re still single with no kids? It’s giving Jeffrey Dahmer, just weird. Unless, you’re a crazy successful, married to the money guy, it’s just not sitting right with me.

But guess what? I’m cool with it all because I’m stress free, headache free, and I know it was the secret to Betty White’s long successful life. She didn’t have anyone’s dusty son bothering her. Which reminds me, we share the same birthday!!! Stay tuned for my birthday weekend tribute up next! In the mean time follow my TikTok like & subscribe to this blog for updates on my latest post.

Cheers 🥂

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The Betty White

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