Full trays

I feel like I was ran over by a Mac truck after my work week! Some kind of crazy slot promo at the casino and I got my ass kicked…

Yes, cocktail servers look cute and all but there’s nothing cute about carrying a heavy double stacked tray, in two inch heels, in a uniform you can’t breath in, with people standing in your way. I’ve said this before this job isn’t for the weak. We definitely deal with more than people think. Hence the inspo for the blog you know and love 🙂

I love when my tray is completely full ($$$) and someone has the nerve to ask me if I have any extra water. There’s no room on my tray for even a thought of water. That’s how packed it is on this beautiful little money maker. I would love to say look , look at this packed ass tray ! But in my customer service voice, I tell them no but I’ll bring you one no problem. It’s actually a huge problem because now I have to remember this extra water along with 200 other things going on at the same time. Thank god I’m good at multi tasking.

I’m not sure what’s worse that extra water question or if someone needs me to break change for anything more than a five dollar bill! The worst. I feel like they expect me to have 8 hands like I’m a damn octopus. The only thing that makes these overwhelming shifts worth it is counting the money at the end of the day, clearly.

Yet, even then, my body feels like I should have made 700 dollars sometimes. I’m grateful though, always , for even being back to work after the year we had. Surprisingly, business has been extremely busy since the reopen. Amen !

After ranting about how much my feet hurt since we’ve been back and busy, someone decided to give me the best gift I received this year. A foot massager ! It has changed my life! I use it after every shift and it can’t be explained how good it feels. Just think, if u could bring your favorite pedicure tech home with you, ok so it can be explained because that’s it right there. It’s like having pedicure massage everyday!

Speaking of gifts I have a story….

There’s this one customer who I have never served while he is actually playing. He always walks up to the service bar and shouts annoyingly, “ lemme get a redbull and a water !” Granted he tips $2 , eye roll, he’s still annoying as hell because why are you acting entitled ? Sit down like everyone else!

Yet, most of us serve him because it’s just easier than explaining protocol. He surprised me the other day though. There was a giveaway at the casino , common, and I saw he had one. As I passed him I asked him what it was. He was like, “here you want it ?”

Merry Christmas to me! It was in celebration of Earth Day, a whole pack of reusable bags and one was insulated! The way in the world’s going with paper straws, all the shoprites are probably going to be BYOB soon.

Unfortunately, not bring your own booze! But bring your own damn bag. So I was a ecstatic! Plus customer don’t give me gifts like that so I considered it flirting or he just didn’t want to carry it around all day. Now, anytime he hollers for a Red Bull and water I run it out to him like a little servant with a smile, maybe he’ll give me his next giveaway! I hope it’s like a mini grill or a bottle of wine, maybe diamonds, you know regular shit.

One of my other players has a collection of giveaways. He’s like a hoarder of casino giveaways, he goes to every casino just to pick up his gifts sometimes. I hate to see what his basement looks like. He probably has every single casino giveaway Atlantic City ever offered since 1989! But I would be same if I gambled like that. If it’s free it’s for me! These people spend a lot of money gambling, so I guess they deserve it even if it’s something cheesy.

Drink of the week: let’s make something with Red Bull as a thanks to that guy for my new reusable bags!



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