Cry Baby

Yesterday was one of those days when nothing specific happened. Yet, it felt like the world was on my shoulders. To all my spiritual zodiac friends is it because the moon is in Gemini? Is that what’s bothering my whole being? Because it’s not my period! I was so emotional about life, I had to have one of those good cries. The ugly ass cry where you’re crying so hard you can’t really breath. You know what I mean? I like to have a good cry in my car from time to time. I also like to torture myself and play a sad ass song to really enhance the break down. Go big or go home.

On my way back from my cry sesh, I had to stop and pay that ridiculous toll on the AC expressway. Which was annoying because it interrupted the melt down. Serioulsy, $1.25 though ? I could of bought Dogecoin with that!!!

Anyway, as I was driving up to the toll booth, I wondered if the toll attendant could see my face all wet from the tears. I tried to wipe my face off quickly but he definitely could see. Never paid any attention to how bright those damn toll lights are under there. Not only was my face covered in tears, my lips are currently black and blue! I totally looked like I got my ass beat. If you could’nt guess I just got my lips done. The goal is to look like a walking filter right?

The only reasons these dumb ass masks come in handy: 1. keeps you warm when its freezing and 2. They can hide lip injection healing. The silver lining, shout out to the mask mandate for that. But hello, I do not wear my mask in the car. So it didn’t help me here.

I just haven’t been feeling like that bitch these last few days and thats ok. We all have good days and bad days. I know what you’re thinking and no, thats not why I got my lips done! I got my lips done because the fountain of youth does exist and it’s only an hour and half from my house!

I’m sharing my emotional melt down with you because I know many of you can relate. If not you’re lying. Shit isn’t perfect no matter what it looks like on social media, to friends, to co-workers, to whoever. We are ALL dealing with battles no one knows about.

Cliche, and we hear it all the time, but it’s the truth. It’s ok to be sad it’s ok to have a melt down. I use to feel weak and guilty when I would have them (still do) because obviously there’s always someone who has it way worse than me, but that doesn’t mean we can’t feel down. To me it means we just can’t stay there. We have to have our pitty party and get back up. Can’t stay down too long because then you get stuck. I’ve been stuck a few times.

Right before my meltdown I was in the middle of talking to one of my close girlfriends and told her I needed to cry and her response wasn’t “why what’s wrong?” it was “let it out you’ll feel better after…”

A nice cry definitley helps but it has to be a good one. Barely breathing, snot running down your face and a toll guy judging you. Nothing less.

Perfect. I am feeling better after that. Plus I drank a bunch of sage and poured Florida water all over my head when I got home. IYKYK ! Might shove a crytal up my ass too whatever helps… All jokes aside though it’s ok to not have it all figured out. Make time for yourself even if it’s a 15 minute car ride alone to cry. Self care.

Cheers to the weekend.

drink of the week: Cry Baby

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