New Laptop…who dis?

I know you feel abandoned like the half ass parent that comes in and out of your life…. I apologize! I will make it up to you, because guess what ? Your girl just got a LAPTOP!!!! Yes, for the last five plus years I’ve been stuck under a rock or just cheap as fuck. I have been writing these blogs from my iPhone 11 and at one point from my iPhone7!!!! Steve Jobs is probably rolling around in his grave right now!

I feel like I won a Grammy and I have to shout out all the people who helped make this possible. For the record, NO I DID NOT spend my Stimi on this beautiful Mac Book Air. I have to thank my Angel Investor though, thanks for believing in me or feeling sorry for me, either way I’m thankful and happier than a pig in shit right now! It feels like when Drake said “Started from the bottom now I’m here!” My old lap top, the one with the Apple that lit up it was all white, I don’t even remember what year that was. Haven’t been able to turn it on since then….. I’m so Carrie Bradshaw right now I’m in love… I just need to sit at my window with cigarette and my laptop and I’m legit her….

(Feeling fresh)

I’m back to writing and I’m not going anywhere! I’ve been sitting on some serious gems lately too. From the lunatics in the casino, living with the restrictions of the world, to my dating life, things have been anything but dull around here…..

(New Year’s Day)
( Anthem )

Lets recap : Christmas was cool, New Year’s Day was celebrated like a true boss, my birthday was nothing short of amazing and Valentine’s Day was pretty decent. I mean when you have a beautiful dinner with your two close girls, drinking the best dirty martinis your ever had in your life, and then get kicked out of a strip club who can complain ? Probably my best Valentines yet! The bar has been raised for next year…..

(Valentines date)

(My other valentines)

COVID is not stopping me from living let’s just end it at that! Can’t wait to fill you guys in stay tuned we have a lot of catching up to do!

In celebration of my new lap top and getting back on my blog game drink of the week : Champagne Cocktail

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