Dear Santa,

I need about 62 stim checks and a bottle of Baccarat Rouge.


your favorite ho.

I set a reminder to write today. Pathetic I know. It’s Christmas Eve! Everyone excited? Or did the worldly events completely drain your mind, body and spirit like mine? The mask has actually come in handy for keeping my face warm outside. Especially, when I’m at the bars. Gets kinda cold. What a time to be alive! But guess what ? The people still love the casino ! Which is a good thing for me and my cocktail servers. Bartenders, not so much I’m sorry. Even though Murphs gave us a curfew it doesn’t stop the people, they just get drunk earlier. Where there is a will there’s a way. Anyone who comes to AC to gamble really isn’t concerned with the virus. Especially, when they order a drink and pull down their mask to speak to me.

I’m already convinced I’m immune to this based on the simple fact I’ve worked in less than perfect conditions for years. Musty, moldy, unventilated establishments. People who literally cough freely and I’ve walked right into it. Nose pickers, lint from people’s purses in their change, sticky soda guns, throw up, you name it. The casino and night club is basically a petri dish of bacteria for years so I’m good good.

Disclaimer: Since the covid there has been a vast improvement on cleanliness overall, and my place just received the cleanest casino review from “the important people.” We’re Legit !!!

Plus, I’ve been taking my daily dose of vitamin C, D , and fuck off.

So back to Christmas. Everyone get that PS5 for lil Bobby ? If not hop on my girls raffle wheel tonight for a chance to win one. Tell a friend to tell a friend. Faces Make up Artsitry

I’ve missed my readers. I tried to do the podcast I’ll revisit it after the New Year. It’s hard out here for pimp.

I need a decent microphone and some basic equipment. No one wants to hear me do this in my car. Investors welcomed. $niclaur

Before I go, because I’m actually at work right now and I need to go hustle the one person in the casino, are we celebrating the New Year at 9:59pm? Or earlier ? We need answers!

Stay safe actually, stay woke. Love you all and appreciate every last one of you for reading and following my rants!! Happy holidays!

Remember don’t spend that stim all in one place! Cheers to the government and their ability to keep screwing us!!!

Cocktail for the Eve of Christmas :

The “Nutty” Screw Driver

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