Story time…

169 days since the world was turned upside down. How’s everyone doing ? I know I’m like that annoying ex who leaves you alone for a few months then pops up out of nowhere. You still love me though.

It’s been extremely annoying to date before , during and after COVID. I’m literally at a loss all across the board. I cannot make anymore dating profiles on any more sites! More recently on bumble I was asked how not to become a blog topic? Well, sir you can sign a non disclosure cause no one is safe.

Instagram is where I’ve been courted the most. Do you guys have like a copy and paste thing going on ? You all say the same thing. Hey beautiful , how you doing through all this? How original.

If I even respond, I reply, thanks I’m good. Hbu? What that really means is I haven’t worked since March, I’m hustling lashes like crack, my lifestyle has been completely flipped upside down, haven’t been able to go to Disney, and the fuckn world is at war. I AM NOT OK and I’m almost positive you aren’t either, so what’s up? You hiring ? You have money making ideas ?

I’m not interested. Just want to survive until we can get back to work. Which thank you Jesus is this FRIDAY!!!! Amen.

Aside from all my shit talking I did go on one date. Can’t say any names because he knows “sooooo many people down here in AC,” which he drilled into my head most of the night. Got it buddy you popped mad bottles at HQ2 pool party LAST year.

I had asked for him to come down my way because for the first date I think the guy should come to me. Plus I’m broke! I’m not paying gas and tolls for a stranger, what if we don’t hit it off. Obviously, had I been working and not pinching penny’s I wouldn’t think twice. Anyways, he wouldn’t come down here because his friends claim they caught the rona at Bungalow day party. Ok cool.

Atlantic City has the rona. Just AC though. Fine, I’ll come up there, after he said he’d pay my gas and tolls. Deal. When he tells me where to meet him I practically fell over laughing. Guess where this lil mofo wanted me to go?!

Chinatown!!!!! Yes, scared of corona virus at the shore but wants me to come to Chinatown in philly! That’s it I just can’t. But I went lmao. I’m not afraid of the virus. I’m scared of pink eye more than this bs.

All and all it was a chill night, he was nice. I’ll probably go on one more date because you know I’ve been reading a lot and I read that you should go on atleast 2-3 dates before you cancel someone. Plus what else is there to do anymore. Slim pickings in these streets. Even if he wants to throw on all his mis-matched designer and bring me to little Wuhan it’s all good. His name was catchy too. DonQDaddy I think ? Send help I hate it here. He might see this though. Only the strong survive, we shall see…..

Drink of the week:

Don Julio tequila sunrise

Cheers xo

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Aspiring blogger .... Currently a cocktail server with 117 dreams to fulfill .... Jill of all trades master at most... follow my tales of trying to survive cocktail serving , dating, adulting & life period.

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