Not your momma’s dress!

I’ve been slacking on my macking. Aka I haven’t blogged in forever it feels like. I need to write about last weekend before I forget.

In my lovely work establishment, I am cross trained to work on the casino floor as well as inside a lounge where people pay for drinks. In the lounge there are also table games that I serve. Wooo hoooo !

So, last Friday & Saturday night I worked in the lounge. My uniform in there is super skimpy and you can’t even wear a bra. It’s suppose to be sexier I guess because we are  in a lounge ? I have no idea but it’s far from your momma’s dress. Compared to my casino floor dress it’s literally nothing. I’m not the skinniest girl on the planet (I love tacos)  Some of my curves and flub may or may not be accentuated….

I’ve been working in the same dress for 3 years. Never had a problem until my beverage supervisor pulls me aside during my shift. He tells me he had a customer complaint and I need a new uniform. I laughed thinking it was a joke. Wrong. I begged him to tell me who said something and all I got was that a women, shocker, said my dress was inappropriate. She also asked what kind of establishment we are running here. Seriously ? I’m sorry ma’am we’re running a whore house in here. I guess she didn’t get the memo.

At the time I was mortified and very uncomfortable. I even threw out my cookies from a bartender’s birthday extravaganza.

Thinking  back on it, I’m like really lady? You’re  in a building full of sin. Gambling, alcohol, probably even drugs all around us and you’re worried about my dress? Mind you, I wear full coverage black shorts underneath. I’m not an idiot I know the dress is smaller on me. I apologize that my ass is too big for it. Luckily, I give you and everyone else the courtesy of covering it up with shorts. The real uniform calls for bikini briefs under it and I would never wear them, considering it’s more like a thong. So yes lady,  casinos and lounges are not for your momma’s dress. We are sexy and we are here to look good. I hate to break it to you but,  your husband is the one probably spending money and I think he likes the uniforms. Maybe that’s why you had to make the call!


(Laura and I in our slutty dresses. EYE ROLL!)


So instead of putting the fork down and purging after my meals, I’ve decided I look good and I don’t give a beep about what anyone says. To my readers you shouldn’t either !!! Love yourself !!!  You’re awesome!

Happy  Saturday ! Side note:  It feels like Summer out right now on my side of the world !



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