‘Tis the season

Last night was the worst night ever, to wear Spanx. (Aka girdle aka make me look skinny please.) I was in quite the festive mood for work. I did my hair in bow and put on some red lipstick to get this holiday weekend started. Why not try to look skinny and throw on my Spanx? Bad idea.


You see , my co workers and I celebrated Christmas a little early. We don’t do this often, but when we do, we feast! Everyone pitched in and brought trays full of deliciousness. We had home-made Spanish pork (pernil), empanadas, flan, buffalo chicken dip, bruschetta and more. What’s a holiday party without every single christmas cookie one can think of? My favorite are the snowball ones with the powdered sugar. A huge thanks to all the grandmothers, without you these cookie recipes would not be possible. I ate so much that I nearly exploded. Yes, I broke a seven deadly sin, gluttony. Then I had to break out of my Spanx! My food baby almost suffocated. The way our service bar is set up (Kevin hart voice) I had to hide behind it and frantically remove my undergarments. Thank the lord above for good friends who help you get naked and to the ones who block anyone from entering the scene. Luckily the service bar was closed. Had it not been the Friday before Christmas, the bartenders would have seen a show. It was pretty hysterical. All because I can’t put the fork down. Needless to say, we had a great night feasting.

Those patrons who decided to spend the night gambling and drinking were actually pretty generous too. One lady kept order champagne in a tall glass. Typically customers are giving a regular rocks glass. My girl clearly was trying to get in the spirit. I call her my girl because she kept tipping me five dollars. I was jolly right along with her.

‘Tis the season.

Happy Holidays Everyone !

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4 thoughts on “‘Tis the season

  1. This reminds me of the time a few weeks ago that someone left their Spanx on one of the slot chairs. Guess it got a little too uncomfortable for someone that was gambling. I carried over to security with my pen so I didn’t have to touch it. They weren’t very happy with my find.

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