Instant violation …

I dedicate this entry to Tiff and Beth….

In this industry you deal with the good, the bad, and the ugly. Sometimes there are super normal people and other times there are creepy ones. Tonight’s story is about the creepy ones. The perverts who you just sceeve. That might not be a word but where I’m from it means something that makes your skin crawl or makes you want to vomit.



Let’s name the guy after his drink, Beer. I would see Beer in different stations and I knew he was a regular customer. I never paid much attention to him, only when talking his order of course. Until one shift I was covering a co-workers station. She gave me Beers order before I left the bar.  We usually ask for a description so we know where to go. So when I asked “Where am I going with this drink?” her response was “You know, the creepy guy in smoking that stares at your crotch .” After I literally fell over laughing, I questioned her, “Stop. Really?” She told me I’d have to see for myself.

I walked over and I saw him right away because he was the first person in my view. In my head, I’m going over everything I just learned. As I get closer I call out, “Heineken ?” At the same exact time my voice carried over to him , he squints over his glasses and looks directly down below! Completely obvious and for more then 5 seconds. Instant violation! I wanted to hold the Heineken down there and wave it around like, “Here ya go sir, here’s  your beverage !” Obviously I couldn’t. I mean my gyno doesn’t even make me feel this uncomfortable. I avoid that appointment as much as possible.

As soon as I saw my friend all I could do was shake my head. “Wow!” I thought to myself. I’ve never felt so violated in my life! Well, this is in the top ten. It’s not like my women parts where even eye level with him. He blatantly just stared down there. Now, we wear dresses and black stockings. For the most part we are pretty covered up. Our dresses, well some , are lengthy too. I couldn’t help but just laugh it off. Could he even see anything ? Maybe he has a weird eye condition and can’t look anywhere else. I tried to be nice and make up excuses for him. Whatever, so I carried on with my night. He earned himself a new name after this, vagina creeper.

Once the word got out about his pervertedness, none of the girls believed it either. They  also had to learn on their own. One of my favorite cocktail severs, let’s call her Michelle , thought we were totally making this up. Then she came back over to the bar in total disgust. “What’s he checking for ovaries ?” I died. Another co-worker yelled out , ” I bet he knows when we’re on the rag.”I died twice.  All we can do at this point is make fun of the guy. Which we’re so good at. We actually thought about sewing on a pair of eyes to our dress so we can stare back at him. πŸ‘€  Not really, but can you imagine? Again, we could be totally wrong and he could be suffering from an eye disorder. Nope. I still can’t sell that to myself, he’s a complete creep. It’s all part of the environment I guess.

Disclosure:  Even though we aren’t warned of these types of people  in the fine  print of our contracts, we do have to be aware and alert for our safety. Which we are at all times.


Cheers !

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