In honor of the Super Bowl I’ll share some times from good old Hooters. Way back when I was skinny. What screams football more than your favorite wings? 

Football season was a pretty cool time while working at Hooters. Aside from being in the weeds and seventy five people are asking to put “their” specific game on. That was the worst part. Sure, let me go race around the restaurant to find my manager, to get the remote , to finagle this pre-set tv station, and deliver fries that are getting cold in the food window. All while not trying to piss another table off who is already watching “their team.” 

Once everyone was content and the games were all to everyone’s preference, the shift would go by pretty smooth. We would call football fans “campers.” They drink, eat, and stay all day. The only down side: you better pray that you get your twenty percent tip. Since the same people have taken up your station for 6 hours. Definitely no room for turning tables over. Typically we would have some regulars so we would make money. Regulars, as most know in this biz, tend to tip well. We love our regulars! 

(Typical table ten photo)

Let’s move on to the wings. When you’ve memorized something and have said it for so long it sticks with you. How would you like your wings ? Mild, medium, hot, 3mile or 911? Great, I’m craving wings now. Rarely people order past hot so we shorten it up, remember time is money in this  biz. The faster I can take your order the faster I can flip this table and make more money. Of course with exceptional service, you’ll never feel rushed at all. Unless it’s 1:45 am on a Saturday night and we close at 2! You might want to consider  hitting up the 24 hour Mc Donald’s. Seriously , word of advice don’t be rude and go eat somewhere that’s almost about to close. You never want angry people handling your food. Not me, but like angry cooks. I love food way to much to mess around with anybody else’s. 
Cheers ! 

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2 thoughts on “Mild.Medium.Hot

  1. Sometimes I miss these carefree days where all you had to worry about was whether you were going to get sexually harassed by a cook, a manager, Fred, or some guy from NY who thought he had a chance. #breastwishes

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