Going up on a Tuesday …

This entry is dedicated to my Miami trip woes… and to cherry with a “T” wherever  you are….

The perks of working weekends is the ability to take a mid week vacation! I literally just came home from a three day get away in Miami. Nothing like 80 degree weather in February while all your friends and family are freezing back home.Just kidding, but it was amaze balls.
I’ve only been to SoBe once. When I was 16 years old. Yea, not too much partying going on. Although my friends dad did buy us shots of tequila at dinner. Sorry mom. Oh, and I did come home with my belly button pierced. Oops.

This trip was something out of the ordinary. I got to travel with my best friend , of 20 years,  for the first time ever! Along with six other fun chicks. We laughed. We drank. We conquered. 

Our home for 48 hours was at the Clevelander right on South Beach. Beautiful place and amazing staff! Insert my yelp review here. 

Although I was not impressed with customer service at some of the other places. Especially Dream nightclub. The night we were there, I believe “Gronk” from the New England Patriots was also there. Totally irrelevant,  I just wanted to feel cool so I’ll throw that out there. The only good thing at that club was contact high. People we’re smoking weed like we were in Amsterdam.


Anyways, as a well known spot celebs can be seen at, I thought the bottle servers could have been a little more on there A game. Especially since the chic we were with was hosting the party. Plus she’s a famous IG model. (Instagram.) I mean duh can we get some service over here ? I guess I expected them to be better. 
I only notice these things because I use to be a bottle server and I’ve been in the customer service industry forever. Usually as a bottle server you make the drinks for your guests. It was pretty beat that they dropped off the bottles and left. One of the girls I was with took over and played the bartender.You go girl. The best was when I asked for water for one of my drunken friends. I was thinking nice places back home give out VOSS water. Nope. No VOSS here! Just Zepheryllis  or whatever Floridas Shop Rite version is. I’m being boujie. 


Moving on, walking down the strip on the resturant side is like walking through the mall. Your trying to shop and look at stores. Usually your on a mission or know what your looking for. Until you get harassed by some lady or man, who wants to feel your hand and tell you how soft their lotion will make your skin feel. Possibly how straight they can get your hair. Well people, this is exactly how it is walking down Ocean drive by all the restaurants. They are offering every deal you can think of. “Hi ladies come sit. Happy  hour, two for one drinks, fifty percent off the whole menu, free shots, here’s a puppy , here’s a happy ending whatever you want.” I mean at first I laughed my ass off  but after the 40th restaurant promoter I had to cross the street. Much more peaceful and prettier. Palm trees everywhere and did I mention it was 80 degrees ? 

In between being inebriated we did manage to eat at some great places.    
We ate at two amazing spots! A Cuban place right off the strip, Puerto Sagua Resturant. (So good we went there twice.)


and the Big Pink. Super trendy diner. 


Seriously mouth watering food! A+ service. Check them out if your ever in South Beach!

I learned two things while on this spontaneous girls trip: Don’t talk to strangers unless they are buying all your drinks and don’t step on purple jelly fish. Unless you want a washed up, Neyo look-a -like, beach rat to offer to pee on you. How sweet? 


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