Living full time 

On my way back from my second vacay this month! Yes, yes I know must be nice.Well ur DAMN right !

(Honeymoon Island)

I went to Florida to visit my little sis for her birthday. I’ve been partying since early January (my birthday month ) so this trip I had to keep it low-key. I’m still recovering from Miami.
For her birthday we saw Broadway’s Wicked, which happened to be on tour in Tampa. Crazy right ? Broadway in Florida thats what I thought too. Amazing play I highly recommend going to see it if that’s your thing!

We drank we ate and we ate some more. I’m lucky if I’ll fit back into my cocktail dress. Here’s our desert from the other night.
(cannoli , tiramisu , oreo cheesecake)

(Two witches)

Life is too short not to travel. Even if you think you can’t, make it happen! If it’s something you desire to do. Making excuses is for losers. The kids can watch themselves and your boss can suck it. Just kidding. I love my boss he reads my blog. Also kidding, do not leave the children home alone unless they are old enough to use the microwave. Get some friends together, split the room, travel alone, Couch Surf or Airbnb.
I have yet to use either of those. My traveling free spirited friends do and they love it, so it must be cool ! Tight on money? Sell the kids.

Needless to say the past few days were fun. I was able to spend some quality time with my sister and enjoy some great weather.

On the way to the airport, we always stop at the mall first . Can you see the cutest dog ever in her purse ?? We Love our champagne t-shirts! Coincidently matching today. Great minds think alike, or we just always think about cocktails.

Sitting in the airport is my favorite. People watching is probably the best thing you can do while killing time. Aside from Game Pigeon or scrolling on Snap Chat. I love watching and creating my own shallow stereo types for strangers. Complimenting or critiquing outfits, wondering why people don’t beat their kids in public, asking myself why people invade personal space, has he showered today? So fun!

I’m currently sitting behind a guy who is seated back to back with my chair. I reach over to plug my phone into these new cool chargers on the seats. I’m super nosey, so I glanced at his phone as he’s texting. The person’s name is under “A girl I know.” She’s wishing him a safe flight and blah blah blah. Poor girl. I’m over here making up my own stories. They definitely  met on Tinder. How rude, he can’t even put in her real name? Maybe it’s an inside joke though. Anyways let’s see who else’s life I can make up. 

Don’t hate on my neck pillow. Disclaimer: that is not the guy! I promise. This guy photo bombed me. Oh and I don’t know whats reflecting in my sunglasses. Looks like a dog laying down with a blanket over its head, but I think its my Starbucks napkin.

This neck pillow is the bomb dot-com. I purchased it in Las Vegas Airport last year. So comfortable! I never travel with out it.

Welp it’s almost boarding time and I spotted just one more person to talk about. A Mother traveling with her infant. She’s  dressed on the trendy side. With a super cute travel system for the baby. She is literally on her knees (don’t be gross guys) folding up this travel system. The travel system has a carry case. Wow. She must be a pro at traveling alone. She’s putting in work to whip this stroller into the case. I could never be that efficient, remember to pick up my baby, my coffee, grab my luggage  and still look cute.Props to her!


That’s all I got for now…..

Back at it tonight slingin’ drinks!

Cheers ….

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