About last night …..

I was in the high limit slot station last night. Split down the middle with my co-worker. She was on one side I had the other. High limit slots is kind of a big deal. It’s likely you can get generous people who tip well regardless if they win a jack pot or not. Other times you can see with your own two eyes the thousands of dollars being put in these crack machines.(Crack as in highly addictive) All while ordering top shelf shit and tipping you a dollar. LMAO. Its pathetic but it’s the nature of the biz. It does balance out though and it’s how we make a living. At times a very lucrative one.

So here we go. This guy who is a frequent gambler here hits big on the other side last night. Not my section. I go back and inform my friend that he hit and I was excited for her! You never know and you have to be optimistic about your tip. She shrugged and said choice words about him. I went on about my business and he was screaming. “Call my motha, take a pick-cha.” I can’t tell his accent, it’s a cross between Jersey Shore Guido and South Philly Guido. Young guy dressed gaudy with bling and Gucci everything. So you have the visual? Ok good. As the jack pot is going off everyone starts to swarm around him and now it’s a complete shit show. He hit for 160,000 dollars! The big fake check came like publishers clearing house.

I come back from our service bar with a new round of drinks for my side and here he is in my station. No entourage just one guy sitting with him. “Trying your luck on my side ?” I smiled said congrats and took his order. I’ve chatted with him before on different occasions, like I said he is a known player. He’s known for also tipping decent. He tips $5 a drink and usually gets Tito’s on the rocks. So you figure he tips well when he’s not winning so he would probably take care of us when he is winning. Wrong.

Some may not know this but in a casino we have Hosts. They take care of the players. Take care meaning they get them to come in with promotions, free rooms, free slot play whatever. Only when they spend or lose a certain amount of money. The more you play the more perks you get. In high limits  the Host is usually near by to accommodate their players. After this guy wins here goes his Host, lets name him Tony, on the phone calling in suites and specials requests. When you hit this big, the house doesn’t want you leave. We want you to spend some of that money here, duh. Tony pulls me aside and tells me he wants to do something special for him. Well Tony, I’m not that type of girl and he isn’t tipping well enough for me to help you find that girl. The bright side is, now he has enough money to go pay for that type of girl. Tony laughs and says “Can we get him a bottle of champagne?” I gave him my supervisors number and he arranged for the champs.

Here I am your average cocktail server in a casino about to go back to my roots and serve this guy a bottle of Veuve. Oh yes , and now there’s a party of six and we’re really going back to my heyday except there’s no grat in these streets. Meaning no GRATUITY on this bottle I’m about to serve. In an established night club this yellow label Veuve sells for 200/300 depending on the place. Usually all night clubs include gratuity with their bottles. You can tell where I’m headed with this, no tip. After I popped this bottle, made them laugh, let them snap chat me, and completely took time away from the other 40 people in my station. Whats time equal in this biz? Say it together now, MONEY!! Great idea Tony.

(empty like his soul)

I Headed back around to take more orders and a cute little lady orders two bottles of water. I dropped them off and she hands me a ten. I told her I’d get her change and she says ” No, hun it’s for you.” Two bottles of water not even FIGI, which is what we give high rollers, and this little lady in her St. Patties day hat tips me ten dollars. Behind every bad tipper there’s 10 great ones!

My total tip from Mr Jack pot after:

3 Tito’s rocks (for him)

Tito’s cran (some bum friend)

cran juice ( another bum)

bottle of Veuve (tonys idea)

2 Tito’s club ( for a girl)

2 Tito’s cran (her friend)

Who wants Mc Donalds??? Telling me it’s suppose snow Tuesday is a better tip than this  fifteen dollars.

Cheers! xoxo

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7 thoughts on “About last night …..

  1. great article. just one thing- you shot him down. even though that didn’t seem like a big deal to you, you busted his ego with a pin! lol. i do it all the time and that’s why i was kinda laughing at this. totally agreed w you and i know his type. he probably was scopin you from day 1. Here he was high as a kite cause he won and he finally had the balls to go for it. Phew girl, just strut. u are funny! he wanted u to be insulted. don’t let it bother you.

    Men. XD

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      1. LMAO! I know you didn’t. Us shore girls never do! we turn down guys left and right. I love this site. I like the way its set up. I like the way you write. I even like the friggin pictures. Good for you. Keep up the good work!
        :] krissy

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