Dollar dollar bills y’all 

Going to the bank  has to be one of the most awkward moments for a cocktail server. At least for me it is. I imagine the thoughts going on in the tellers head go something like this : Wow she did good last night. I wonder what her stage name is ? I wonder if you get free champagne? You think she wears those clear heels?

I like to give myself pep talks. Girl, don’t be embarrassed. If you were a stripper you would make way more than this. Sometimes my pep talks suck.

As I stuff my million one dollar bills in the money container I wonder how much I would make as a … no-no stop it. What is that time capsule looking thing called ? Anyway I use to be flustered when counting and sorting my ones in the drive thru. But now it’s fun for me to let them wonder what I do.

At the grocery store I always give the cashier a heads up. Hi, I heard you ran out of ones. So here ya go… paying my $200 dollar grocery bill in ones for ya. It’s a love hate relationship. Oh, and it pisses the people off behind me. They get so agitated when they have to wait for me to count my ones. I can  totally feel them stare me down too. I know what you where doing  last night hunny, sliding down poles, now hurry up and pay! Totally what that Mom of four was thinking.

You would think I would just deposit my money and use my debit card. But no, I’m like a 90-year-old women. I stash my money in coffee cans all around the house.

We use to be able to cash in our tips for bigger bills with the cashier at work . I’m still not sure why we’re not allowed anymore. So now we have to pay and play with a shit ton of ones, fives, and tens . Unless your normal and just use your debit card.

I like being somewhat of a mystery customer. I deal with them all night and making up scenarios about their life is what gets me through my shift.
I might be a dancer I might not they’ll  never know.

Cheers xo

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Aspiring blogger .... Currently a cocktail server with 117 dreams to fulfill .... Jill of all trades master at most... follow my tales of trying to survive in the cocktail world, dating, adulting and life period.

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