The last hurrah !! 

Welp, here we are folks. How the hell is it Labor Day weekend ? Anyone? It’s already I have no idea how to dress weather! Today even smelled like school. Ew! September 1st I really don’t like you. I mean I love fall but can we not talk about it or do anything pumpkin flavored until September 22nd? Thanks!
Wake up freezing and by lunch your in a bikini. Well at least I am. My beach chair stays in my trunk 365 days a year. Living in South Jersey you just never know!

Back to the last hurrah.

I always hope all my industry friends make a million dollars over holiday weekends. But the reality is more and more people stay outside. They have to get in those last bbqs and shit.

Luck is on our side this weekend though. South Jersery forecast is nothing but rain!

Fast forward, since it’s now Sunday ! Friday night sucked slinging drunks drinks. (Say that five times fast.) Which is fine it’s predictable, like I said holiday weekends tend to be overrated.

Since it poured all day Saturday it was busy.   No bbqs. Sorry folks bring all your money to me.

We broke up with Friday night and Saturday night was  a great rebound. So drinks on me tonight ! Yes, me and my girls are ending summer right, at least I hope so. I’m mentally preparing myself to be hungover at least until Wednesday. FML. Carnage  , then after hours, then being  drunk savages stuffing our face at some glorious local spot… omg the duck buster… thinking of you already bae.

(inner voice: gurrrrl you’re not 21 but ok)

Cheers to the workers !! Happy Labor Day xo

To be continued …

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