pool party

So I’m in Florida. Visiting my twenty something sister. She takes me to this pool party Saturday.

I was picturing a Vegas day party or Atlantic City’s “The Pool” at Harrahs . First sign that this is not what we’re about to get into:

A phone call from her boyfriend asking what we want to drink. Not our bottle service order either. Ok. BYOB maybe it’s a friends house pool party then. I don’t know. I’m making scenarios up in my head. Still down. Still ready. I ask her how much is the cover charge because their having a bunch of popular DJs. It’s free. Um, ok it’s getting a little weird. Now I have absolutely no clue what I’m getting into. But I’m still down, still ready.

Ever hear of SMF music festival ? This was the pre-party. It was insane. Nothing like I’ve ever been to before.

Ever party with about a thousand people in an apartment complex ? Me either.

No security. No rules. A free for all! Basically a college frat party on steroids.

All I know is my skin care regiment is on point! (Arbonne ) lol.

All these little boys thought I went to USF! Damn right I do! I’m a sophomore. My major is sarcasm 101 with a minor in make you laugh ’till you pee. Pass my Titos.

I did see a few older dudes creeping on these 19 and 20 year old girls. But the younger dudes were more fun. More on my level. Simple.

Then across the pool I found my spirit animal. My unicorn. My new best friend. Dancing like Beychella holding a Chick-fil-a soda ! Living his best life !

I wish I swam across to meet you. Where ever you are I love you!

After the party we went to some food truck. Of course the liter of Titos I consumed wanted to run down my leg with no bathroom in site. We took an adventure and walked down a highway to a Dunkin’ Donuts. As cars are honking away, I prayed to not pee on myself while snap chatting. At that point I really regretted not peeing in the pool. If your wondering I made it to the bathroom.

I won’t be in Florida for the music festival but I’m happy the pre-party was lit. Haha. I even sound like a college broad. Definitely would go to another one.

Oh, the food truck was called Burger Culture , pretty good. Although my sister is the only person on the planet whose at burger place and orders the grilled cheese for us. I love you anyway xo

(I’m the one with the solo cup the sophomore)

cheers xo

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