Trick or Treat

Is halloween even a holiday? Either way it’s my favorite! Not only because of candy. I’ve loved playing dress up since I was three. Plus what human doesn’t want an excuse to dress like a hoe?

Just kidding mom. Seriously though I love looking at everyone’s costumes, handing out candy to the little ones, and my favorite part, the Halloween parties! Especially night life in AC.

We can dress up at work and it’s always a fun night. Until customers try to tip me in candy , um no sir this kit kat won’t keep my lights on. Is it laced with LSD? Because then …. just kidding again mom.

Last year I was Minnie Mouse at work and Pretty Women for a party. Made it myself, which I’m really proud of. So make sure to give me a gold star on my chart. This year I can’t tell you who I’m being or I’ll have to kill you.

It’s gonna be hot though of course. Since Halloween is on a Wednesday, the nightlife in Atlantic City is celebrating Friday till then! Every night has an event. DM me for details.Jk. Tonight kicks it off. Can’t wait even though I’ll be working, I’ll be out Sunday hoeing it up in my costume that I can’t tell you about.

One of my favorite Halloween’s was when I was maybe 20. I was the Statue of Liberty. Ordered it from some stripper website, which I see the 20 somethings still do. Where you pay $60 for a piece of string but hey not judging. I’ve learned to make my own slutty costumes at an affordable price. Comes with age.

Anyway we went party hopping with my awesome fake ID. Good times. RIP Zoom.

My bestie Brian was the Hamburgerlar as you can see. If I was as clever as I am today I would of been a cheeseburger! Oh well. Wait come to think of it we’re Halloween besties ! We also dressed up as Britney and K fed one year ! Love ya Bri! We have to plan another couple costume next year ! We should try not to get drunk so early so we can actually enter a contest.

Have a fun & safe weekend!! Check your children’s candy for crack, send me all your kit kats, don’t let your cocktails get roofied,unless your into that , and make sure to send me pics of the slutty and funny costumes out this year!



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