Worlds worst blogger…

I feel like I’ve betrayed my loyal followers, but I’m here to make it up to you. Like that ex who comes back around again and again because you’re awesome! That’s me. So take me back, I promise it’ll be different baby! Summers over, well for most of you. I’ll be chasing summer up and down the coasts soon. But hey cuffing season! Get ready for those I miss you texts and the how ya been bullshit. Stay woke.

Anyway, I’m back to recap my summer for you. Atlantic City made a huge come back this summer and I’m happy to see it, work it, and party in it!

We already know I don’t have your average 9-5 job where you can meet up with the girls or guys at happy hour.

My happy hour starts at 4am like most of my friends in this biz.

I’ve worked like crazy all summer since it’s my industry’s busiest months. I had a skinny little window for partying. In that window I stuffed my face and drank enough Jameson to put out a fleet of 20 men. What can I say I’m a sick pig.

I did have a few weddings and a couple of nights out when I was like a normal human. Where we could actually meet up by 6pm and be home by 2 am. I checked out Atlantic City’s newest spots when I could. Like the night club Daer , formally Ca$bah, where I use to make 1,000 on a Saturday night for getting guidos from Staten Island drunk. You’re probably too young to understand or I’m too fuckn old. Good times though.

Photo: Daer night club

It’s safe to say I lived my best life this summer in between juggling two cocktail jobs. No not the hoe life! I see the memes you guys made talking shit about women and quoting “living my best life”. Relax.

Photo: Ocean Resort & Casino

What would summer be with out hours at the beach and pool. It also doesn’t hurt I live where most of the world vacations.

This is the best tan I’ve had in while. Fuck wrinkles. Get Botox. Next t-shirt coming up. Stay tuned.

Photo: Hard Rock Beach Atlantic City .

The best part about living at the shore – locals summer. I know all you fall and winter rejects are doing your little rain dances and voodoo but mark my word it’ll be hot out for minute in South Jersey.

My beach chair never leaves my trunk. Thank yourselves for global warming.

Cheers to the calendar end of summer! Hope you had fun, made money, spent money, got drunk, got sober and everything in between ! Only 257 days ’till MDW weekend!


Photo: Ocean Resort & Casino

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