Disney Chic

Slinging cocktails to degenerate gamblers has its perks. I’m happy to say, the struggles of arthritis in my left wrist and terrible lower back pain is all worth it. When I’m on a flight to Florida that is. Had to escape the 20 degree weather in Jersey.

Went to Disney World yesterday, one of my happy places. Yes it’s not for everyone. I get it. Especially the over spent father, wife, spoiled rotten children, and underpaid workers. Poor Cinderella, she really ain’t living her best life. It’ll always be magical to me though. As a kid I had some of the best memories there with my siblings and cousins.

Thanks mom, dad, and my mom mom June. 🙏🏼

If you follow my blog you should know by now people watching is also a favorite of mine. Where else then a crowded theme park to do so? Now I’m not normal by any means but there are some serious weirdos at Disney. You can totally tell they’re from weird ass parts of the country too. Sorry not sorry. It’s true though. You can distinguish a New Yorker from someone from Idaho or like Oklahoma. Nothing against y’all I promise. (Loses followers in 5,4,3,…)

Also you can tell who doesn’t shower, have any home training, knows their left from their right, who beats their kids, whose kids beat them and so on.

Oh and if you want a spot for any of the parades you better get there two days before. Camp out like you’re waiting for those new Jordan’s or Madden releases. You don’t know what a savage is until you’ve come across a mom with a double stroller at Disney.

Then there’s the hot dads.

My favorite dad had his sixth month old on his hip, while kneeling down, camera in hand, doing a photo shoot of his trendy wife in-front of the castle. If that doesn’t scream marriage goals what does? And he was happy while doing it! Giving her all the angles! I’d definitely vote him in for the Dilfs of Disney’s Instagram. Which apparently is a real thing! Look them up! You’re welcome. Since I didn’t have a hot husband to do my photo shoot I bribed some brat to do mine.

Also quick tip never wear vans to any theme park unless you want to die a slow death. I haven’t had blisters this bad since my communion shoes. I looked cute though. Pain is beauty✨

Luckily my water, which was Titos, helped with the pain. Shout out to the cute security guard, who asked how my lime flavored water tasted at a re-entry check point. You were on to me.

May all your dreams come true this weekend and may you regret them all Monday morning.



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5 thoughts on “Disney Chic

  1. I love this post! People watching is my jam (yes I did say that). You are smack on, reading where people are from is so entertaining, even if it is just me who is entertained. Last time I was in DW, 3 years ago this week, I totally was how I was passed the time in the lines that weren’t FASTPASS. Of course, it took a turn in Epcot, playing the drink around the world. I think I may have had enough liquid encouragement to actually ask if I was right! 😬 Awesome post. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes ! People watching is The best ! Epcot is a great time too especially since you don’t have hide your vodka Lololol thanks for reading 🙏🏼

      Liked by 1 person

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