No laws…

It’s about damn time I wrote about how fucking weird summer’19 has been for me. Anyone else ??

Now that the retrograde is over , is it ? I have no clue, but I still feel like I’m suppose to be in Maui on a yacht. Instead I’m chasing White Claws with vodka to keep sane.

Working nightlife in a casino is taking it’s toll on me. So I do exactly what my therapist says not to do , drink.

Being drunk is way more fun then being sober and thinking of , well , anything besides why mango isn’t in the variety pack?? White Claw summer.

I joke a lot so if you think I’m a raging alcoholic, you’re right.

Since I’m unhappy at work, I do my best not to be there. I go in on the weekends and hope for the best. How do I pay my bills you ask ? Snapchat premium duh. Link below.

Made you look!

Anyway, no guys, I’m up to my eyeballs in debt like everyone else in America. So that’s why I’m setting up some quality goals. Starting with going to work every shift this month. It’s the 6th and I’ve been to 3 out of five shifts. Baby steps.

My work wife Brit….

Plus we have this girls trip to Vegas coming up, so definitely have a little motivation for that. Also setting up a go fund me incase any daddy’s want to donate to that cause. Link in bio. Speaking of rich old men where’s your boats at? That’s on my list too , get on some old guy’s boat and take pictures for Instagram. Quality goals, I told you.

But once I get out of this little funk get my ass to work, put down the fork, and detox from bad decisions, it’s over for you bitches.

Basically, this summer has been full of spontaneous days and nights with literally no plans, except to conquer tan-lines.

I did learn a valuable lesson though. Never, ever, drink that foreign liquor!No, not that bootleg liquor in DR , although I would offer that to some of you out there. All jokes aside, I went to my friend Juan’s pool party. First step out of my car his girlfriend welcomed me with a shot of Colombian alcohol, Aguardiente. It went down like water. It was over from there.

Myself , Juan’s girlfriend the beautiful Maria & the bestie Tiff MUA….

Next thing you know it’s midnight and I’m getting taken out of the pool by security (my best friend) lost my shorts , towel and will to live.

to be continued….

Let’s just say I gave up Colombians and drinking for 48 hours.

But there’s only four more weeks left. Then what, back to seasonal depression and an empty shore town? Fun.

I guess I’m living what the kids call a Hot girl summer but feels more like broke girl summer. Luckily my happiness only cost 14.99. Yup, the variety pack. No laws baby!

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Thank me later.

Cheers 😘

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