MDW 19

Here we go kids! My 99th Memorial Day weekend in the casino industry. While all you guys are getting wasted on your boats or at your back yard BBQs, I’ll be slinging them drinks to my favorite degenerate gambles. You know, the ones who stop me mid walk, with 30 cocktails on my tray. Asking for a napkin, directions, change for 100, or a blood transfusion. Yes,them.

Holiday crowds are a bit different. They are needier, cheaper, drunker. So if you have a loved one working this weekend in the industry check on them. They are NOT ok.

The bright side is we do get holiday pay! Yay, a whole extra 24.72 cents in my direct deposit !

I’ll be able to treat you to a 40oz or a fifth of mad dog.

I’m that old.

So that means as cocktail servers,waiters, waitresses etc…we make $4.12 cents an hr. Can vary but you get the picture. Mental note next time you order 7 drinks and ten Fiji waters. Your tip is literally paying our bills. A thank you is nice but it can’t pay my car payment.

No tippy no sippy. I’ll disappear faster then a dad on child support.

Just playing! Incase my manager is reading. (but I’m dead serious)

Furthermore, always wanted to say that since I never finished college. Can you tell by my grammar?

While on my way to work this weekend , I’ll have to pray to the parking gods I can get a spot. As I fly down the express way, one goal in mind, to beat the “Shoob” and their quest “down tha shore.”

Since I will be missing all delicious gatherings this weekend , I’ll be expecting whoever is having a cook out to bring a grilled hot dog, potato salad, mac & cheese. If it’s BBQ I want pasta salad, a cheese burger, and ambrosia salad . If it’s a fiesta I want rice beans, pernil and tequila neat. Either way one of my peeps better come through. Love you!

Aside from partying and eating we do have to recognize what this holiday is really about.

Even though our country is out of wack, we still can walk outside our homes pretty safe, come up with the stupidest rap songs, be a celebrity DJ, create the weirdest inventions, turn sex tapes into family empires, and ultimately become millionaires. Pretty crazy opportunities here right ? #goals

So Let’s Remember our fallen hero’s. Pour some out for them and be thankful for the ultimate sacrifice they gave for us.

Happy MDW everyone !!!

Please Uber , Lift , or old school cab

Do not be stupid ! Do not call your mom or your EX at 4am either. 😩🤣

Cheers 🥂

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Aspiring blogger .... Currently a cocktail server with 117 dreams to fulfill .... Jill of all trades master at most... follow my tales of trying to survive cocktail serving , dating, adulting & life period.

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