The list ….

Most annoying things people do & say when ordering drinks in the casino …

Not ranked in any order :

1. Asking for light ice or no ice to get a stronger drink.

2. Ordering more then one drink for imaginary husbands or wives.

3. Not tipping bc you don’t have change.

4. Not tipping because all your money is in the machine.

5. Not tipping bc you have no clue we only make $4.12 an hour.

6. Not tipping bc you’re just an asshole.

7. Asking for a cup of olives or cherries.

8. Asking for more then one Fiji water.

9. Asking for Fiji water and tipping like you live under the boardwalk.

10. Asking for Fiji and pronouncing it “foogi.”

11. Not ordering when I yell out beverages and wait until I’m a mile away to call me over.

12. What kind of beer do you have ? Recites list… orders coors light 🙄.

13. Can I get a strong LIT ?

14. Can I get a vodka and absolute double ?

15. Can I get a coke soda ?

16. Can I get a millers light ?

17. Can I get a coffee two splenders , drop of milk , 5 stirs in a mug with your soul on the side ?

18. Keep them coming I’ll take care of you. (does not take care of me.)

19. This tastes like there’s no alcohol in it.

20. Sorry, I don’t have any dollars … hands over pennies dimes and some old aspirin.

21. Wants to order grey goose while playing penny slots.

22. Does not say please thank you or excuse me!

Feel free to comment your favs below & check out tonights Thirsty Thursdays cocktail recipe!


Cheers xo

Published by Confessions of a Cocktail Server

Aspiring blogger .... Currently a cocktail server with 117 dreams to fulfill .... Jill of all trades master at most... follow my tales of trying to survive cocktail serving , dating, adulting & life period.

7 thoughts on “The list ….

  1. Not a cocktail server.. but I’m a Bartender.. Can I have your cheapest beer, vodka etc .. can I have a strong island..” make it strong “ what’s the best drink you make? (Then orders a vodka &cran) what flavors do you have? “Hook me up” what’s cheaper a bottle or draft .. $11 for a martini what am I in the casino .. “no ice & can u put it in a pint glass” ughhh I could write a book

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