Miss me ?

A lot has happened in 5 months! Good news ! I haven’t quit my blog and I apologize to my loyal readers. I literally have so much to write about, yet something was holding me back. I blamed writers block, laziness, and alcohol. When I looked up the deeper meaning of writers block it explained how it’s a psychological thing. A feeling of not be able to impress your readers. Phew! So it wasn’t me it was you guys ! It’s your fault. Jk , even though blaming someone else is human nature, I won’t do that. I take full blame for neglecting my writing. With that being said announcement time !

I made a huge career change. No, I didn’t become a doctor or lawyer, sorry mom. Still a cocktail server, but I switched shifts! In the casino/nightlife biz it’s a pretty big deal. Usually I’m going to work 10pm-4am (unless you’re the E.O -early out – queen like me.)

Well, now I’m on DAYSHIFT!!!! Two completely different worlds. I kind of feel like a human again with normal work hours, It’s nice. My girls in the biz would be proud of me, I’m working my whole shift on day! Yes, ladies I haven’t taken the early out! Shocking ! There’s no point to take and early out on day shift though, because on this shift we make the bulk of our money towards the end.

Day 10-4pm

*starts off slow picks up later

Swing 4-10pm

*busy at the beginning middle is steady and busy at the end

Grave 10pm-4am

*busy in the beginning then dies down later

Twilight 4am-10am

*no clue lol never worked it , the hours seem scary as hell to me. 😂😩

So there we have it , I’m still here , confessions isn’t going anywhere. Be prepared for a surplus of stories to come.

Almost forgot ! I need new shoes ASAP. Since I’m actually working my whole shift my feet have been on fire. Comfort over cute in this biz. If anyone has recommendations please comment below or on fb comments ! Thank you !

Drink of the week in honor of day shift , Chambord Mimosa :


Cheers xo

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