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Entry 2 of the 5 month catch up….

I also embarked on another new career path. Nope, still not a doctor or lawyer. I went to New York in November to take a certification class. Bellami Pro trained me on how to install four different methods of hair extensions!!!!

Bellami beauty bar NYC !!!

I’ve always had a passion for hair and makeup. College was cool but I was really drawn to aesthetics. In 2009, I put myself through beauty school. I loved every minute of it. Except, the school was rachet as hell and the hot water never worked. When it did the pipes would leak. Oh and there wasn’t any parking, every two hours we would have to race outside and move our cars. We had some great times there though and I made some amazing friends. Dennis, if you’re reading, how much fun was it starting the annual hair show ! We left a legacy , they do it every year now !

I was also a young mom. Literally, twenty something ,my baby was a toddler, I was in school 5 days and working 5 nights. It was stressful as hell. During that time is when I actually entered the cocktailing world! I was hired as a bottle server on Fridays & Saturday’s (big money) and cocktailed during the week at a lounge. I was deathly afraid of carrying a tray. Funny, I still haven’t mastered my tray lmao! It was my first real casino job , it was so different from lil old Hooters. Which was just inside a casino but not affiliated.

I was making so much money! Like crazy money. When I graduated hair school I wasn’t willing to leave that to build my book in a salon making 7 dollars an hour shampooing. I know it sounds rude but I had a baby to feed. It wasn’t rocket science for me.

There was just no way.

So, I’ve never really put 100 percent in perfecting my craft like one should and needs to do in the beauty biz. It’s the only way to make the real money. I just didn’t have it in me or time to invest. Do i have any regrets ? No , I just wish I could have had rich sugar daddy funneling me money while I built my book in a salon. But wasn’t in my cards.

Here we are a decade later and with social media so insane, I’ve had the ability to make a small clientele (for now) and actually start my own hair Buisness!!! I absolutely love doing extensions!! Make sure you follow my IG & FB page too!

How exciting! Now, while I’m doing your hair I can serve you cocktails. It’s a win win.

Cheers xo

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