Quarantine & chill

Yesterday I witnessed something never before. The casino closed. Since 1978, the Atlantic City casinos have only closed 5 times , including yesterday. All for Hurricanes. I am in disbelief how crazy this “buy all the toilet paper and chicken,” virus is. The world is completely gone nuts. I feel like I’m in a bad dream.

As I walked out of work yesterday, not knowing when I’ll be back, I fought the tears. Tears because I’m freaking out about my livelihood. Cocktail servers are tipped employees. Unemployment is like , well you do the math. This is scary. (Go fund me link will be attached below.) Any amount helps. I’ll take toilet paper or chicken as well.

Totally not worried about catching this virus though. I practically work in a petri dish. People hack and sneeze in my personal space all day long. Scratch their ass and hand me crusty dollar bills. I probably been exposed to this shit years ago. #Immunity

On the way to my car, I thought what would be something to brighten up such terrible news? A White House sub ! Guess what? They were closed. I was pist. Anything else government ? Can’t even stuff my face with a cheesesteak to feel better.

Then I thought of my degenerates. My babies. My heart aches for them . Where will they go , what will they do while the casinos are closed ? What does their life consist of if not sitting at the slots for 6 hours day in and day out? Who will make their coffee with 5 sugars, one cream, stirred three times to the left ? Who will stand there while they clean their purse out looking for change? Where will they eat if I can’t get them an abundance of olives and cherries ? Omg, where will they get their figi water from? Who will get them their coke soda or titos vodka ? This is too much to handle. What about the bums who collect money from patrons each day to buy their crack? This is just like dominos. We’re all effected! But hey I guess we might be broke and withdrawing but we won’t have coronavirus! Well, that’s good then.

It’s only been day one of this social distancing , quarantine thing and I ate all my feelings and snacks! What the hell am I going to do now ? Self medicate and chug wine ? Great idea!

I’m contemplating taking a flight to Florida. Rather be stuck under a palm tree then this shit.

I’m Signing off.

Stay safe everyone and by that I mean don’t kill the people you’re quarantined with, wait at least 48-72 hours.

Drink recipe below , because what else is there to do ?


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