What day is it ?

This is seriously something out of a movie. Just like any other world disaster I’m sure film makers are in the works for this one. I almost made T-shirt’s and still might. Even though my mom thought it was offensive. “I survived Quarantine 2020” with cocktails underneath. I mean I haven’t completely survived yet but when we all do I’m sending them to print. Place your orders now.

I have taken any and all opportunities to go to ShopRite, Cvs, and the liquor store, which is deemed essential in New Jersey thank you Jesus. I’ve been to ShopRite for things I know I’ll be fine with out, example 2 million eggs.

I know your thinking I’m crazy and contaminated by now. I promise I don’t go in the store every time, I’m unemployed dammit. Sometimes I sit in my car and just pretend. When I’m not doing that I’m eating like I’m pregnant with triplets. It’s disgusting, yet satisfying, how much I’ve been eating.

Today my sister needed stuff at Target. I waited by her car and kept an eye on her children from outside. Is that safe enough ? Anyway, we were all thrilled to have some kind of human interaction. During the 6 ft rule, while babysitting, I noticed fifty cents stunt devil cruising around. I kid you not, he had no shirt on driving a bmw with the top down. He was blasting music, driving slow, cell phone in his ear and these damn gold chains. Maybe he was pretending we were on Ocean drive in Miami. Anything to feel normal. Hey, I support it , wish I was quick enough to record it. After that I heard two guys call out, “Hey beautiful,” I looked around, it was only me in the parking lot standing there. I didn’t reply because that’s creepy. People really have been inside way too long. I look like I just escaped prison. Well didn’t I ? No lashes, nails about to fall off, roots longer then an oak tree, and I was wearing my favorite People of Walmart leggings. I mean a Blobfish would of been beautiful to them at this point . It was nice to hear though since all I’ve heard for last 14 days is , well, you know. I’m not giving it an ounce of attention in this blog.

Anyone know what time it is ? What day it is ? Me either all I do know is anything goes and I’ll allow it at this point. Vodka for breakfast? Sure, it’s also a great disinfectant. Ice cream for dinner? Sounds good. It’s 5:00 all day long! Hope we get the hell back to whining and complaining about work, life, all our meaningless problems sooner then later. I sure do miss it.


Drink recipe : vodka vodka vodka

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Aspiring blogger .... Currently a cocktail server with 117 dreams to fulfill .... Jill of all trades master at most... follow my tales of trying to survive cocktail serving , dating, adulting & life period.

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