New Year Same You

PSA: prepare to read posts all day long about new year new me … spiritual quotes… leaving exes, friendships, bullshit all in 2017. I mean I’ve been seeing them since thanksgiving.

Meanwhile everyone’s preparing to get shit faced, picking out glittery one pieces and schmedium express button ups. All just to wake up with regret on their breath. I guess it’s so you can cram in a little more of your hoe-ness before the new year starts. Then maybe you can be cleansed ? Is it like purging? Really, just another excuse to drink to oblivion with out being judged.

Waking up in 2018 like “WTF.”

I’d like to go back to the time when I was to blame. That one time I was a bottle server. NYE at Casbah! I loved my Italians from New York spending thousands. Smelling like Aqua di gio and bad decisions. Ughhhh those were the nights mama was raking up.

Everyone and I mean everyone thinks they’re someone on a night like NYE. Bottle minimums and egos are high. I’ll let you think you’re BeyoncΓ© and Jayz if you can tip accordingly. We all know gratuity’s included but you can’t boss me around all night for just 18%. Not today.

Let’s go back to the NYE attire. Females, why must all five of you in the party have to look exactly the same? Glitter mini skirt and red lips. Which I LOVE but you look like clones 😩. I mean bitches do love glitter. Guys, button ups from express that would fit a four year old? Not concerned just confused. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

My favorite part of working NYE was hanging out with my co workers. Of course after making a ton of schmoney while helping others ring in the New Year. It’s a great feeling giving back to the community like that.

We would all meet up at Duck or High Point and just talk shit. Have a few drinks and ring in the new year like a lil’family. I miss you guys !!! I will forever think about my Casbah loves on nights like tomorrow night !

May all my night life friends near and far make millions this weekend ! I’ll be at the casino dodging dollar tips in change.

Comment below a funny NYE memory!

Cheers xo

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4 thoughts on “New Year Same You

  1. Loved working New Year’s Eve in the casino!! I can’t believe I did 34 years of it even when I was off I worked it was a no brainer money was awesome!!! Everyone was happy we put glitter in our hair and made it fun!! And working with the bartenders and waitresses it was a lot of fun counting down in the service bar having champagne!
    Back in the 80’s we had to stopped serving our drinks at 1130 and only bring out trays of Champagne we were not allowed to serve the customers anything but champagne and we hated that because people want to drink what they were drinking.
    And then they were like animals outside the service bar all trying to get champagne trying to knock the glasses off your tray!!! πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

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