Valentines xo

Valentine’s Day.

I’ve had my share of good Valentines. Unlike many singles who dread this commercial holiday, I use to be that girl boasting how much I’m in love on social media. I know! You hate me now right ?

One year my bf covered his whole house in rose petals that led upstairs. Yes, they where strategically placed in a heart, on the bed, around my gifts. So cute right?

In high school my bf surprised me with the latest Jordan release to match him. Of course we twinned the next day. How corny we where but so in love. Barf.

Working as a cocktail server and a waitress most of my adult life, I have also worked a bunch of valentines days/nights, and had to sacrifice celebrating later in the month.

Fine by me because even though I once was a lovey dovey weirdo, I’ve always had a sense of humor. Especially sitting at table ten people watching.

Which leads me to this statement. If your man or woman wants to make plans the day before Valentine’s Day to beat the “crowds”, you’re most likely the Side chick or dude. So happy side piece Tuesday everyone. February 13th! I mean even they need a day to celebrate. There’s enough love from St. Valentine to go around. I mean he was marrying a bunch of 15 and 16 year olds during the friggn war for crying out loud. Gross. That’s part of the reason we have this day of love. I don’t think he minds you having a side chick.

So unfortunately this Valentine’s I’m nobody’s side piece or main piece. I WILL be eating a ten piece from McDonald’s by 1am though. Extra sweet & sour.

I actually do have plans because I’m not a total loser. My plans mimic every other single or deprived married female across the country. 50.shades.freed.

I’ll be the one all the way in the back with the extra large flask and extra buttered popcorn. Come sit with me and my other hot single friends. ; )

Katie Ryan said it best !! Click her name to view the truth about vday hunny!

comment below your best or worst valentines date XOXO


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2 thoughts on “Valentines xo

  1. I can say Ive only had a few select good Valentine’s Days. Expectations are too high. The worst one I remember in high school, the guy I had the biggest crush on said we could hang out on Valentines day. Needless to say, he stood me up. Asshole. Anyways, Im making it a good one this year with my husband and just keeping it low key, no expectations except for good food.

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