Sucker free

So I’m standing in line waiting to book a flight. (Catch flights not feelings) There’s a cute couple in front of me and the girl is on the phone. Typically, I’m ear hustling the convo. She’s on the phone with her friend giving her advice and basically consoling her about a fuck boy . When they hang up she begins to tell her boyfriend what’s going on. So and so is upset because “said fuck boy” is ignoring her texts then shows up at the same place as her with three other girls. The boyfriend probably high fives the dude in his head. Under cover asshole.

Moving on, poor Susan just doesn’t understand why he’s is acting like that. Then it dawns on me. There isn’t a woman or man (I guess) on Earth that has not gone through this bullshit cycle of the guessing game, the heartache, the drama. Can anyone be blunt ? Can you just say what it is ? Can you put your moms tit away and man up ? Guess it’s just too much to be honest. But you know what Susan your not alone! Broken hearts unite!

“Cut the sucker off and find someone new,” Said Lil Kim in 1997. Girl you’re better then that! When women start fully loving themselves and knowing their worth is when this bullshit will stop. Fuck boys will die off one by one. Seriously.

Sometimes it can be tricky weeding out these pricks. They can pretend to be amazing to wheel you in. You know really finesse that Tinder & Bumble bio. Keep on alert and look for red flags because they will be there. You have to sniff them out like a K-9 sniffing you before your Sunday visits at Rikers. Don’t ask. But you understand. Trust your instincts. If something feels off or shady it is.

The best way in dealing with a loser who fooled you into thinking differently is to:

A. ghost them first.

B. Ask them on a double date show with a guy and ask him where his date is. #wastehistime2018

C. Order 25 large pizzas to his house and tell dominos your paying cash.

I’ve done two out of three. Can’t diss and tell though.

Hope this either opened some of your eyes or just made you laugh a little!

Cheers xo

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